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Maskot Mutfak

Boyalı Sanayi (Gray&Black)

Area of Use 
Pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, mandarin and citrus fruits such as lemons used in tightening. 

The large internal volume: 
Tighten the power captured by the internal structure of the expanded reservoir allows for easy and rapid tightening. 

Specially designed sayasinde structure; fruits provides an easy and hassle-free spin cycle. a sufficient number of the holes in the strainer with a special angle and provides drainage and overflow out of juice. Strainer, made of 304 stainless steel. 

Collecting large volumes of container: 
Bored through the filter and pressure leach out of the fruit juice collection container you want to süzülürek want birikir.buradan transferred to glass and serve. 

The filter and the collection container (glass) material with no fruit acid can wash in a dishwasher at the same time get darker and are made of 304 stainless steel. 

Top printing: 
The recommended tightening all the fruits counterparts to adapt the structure of each sıkışta provides a 50% gain. 

Plastic feet: 
With non-slip plastic feet to the floor is an easy-pressed position is achieved by providing a full session. 

Warranty period is 2 (two) +3 (three), a total of 5 (five) years.


1 - Head Parts

2 - Head 

3 - Elbow 

4 - Arm Shaft 

5 - Arm 

6 - Rack and pinion 

7 - Squeezer

8 - Filter 

9 - Body Shaft 

10 - The Ring 

11 - The Funnel 

12 - Dropper Wire 

13 - Dropper 

14 - Base 

15 - Shoe


Base Shoes
Body Shaft
Dropper and Wire
Big Spring
Ring and Funnel
Head Parts
Gremier Gear
Oil Plug

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